Product updates in version 13.0


An update has been released, and here is an overview of what was improved in Bankfeed version 13.0.

Intelligent and automated approach to payment management

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Outgoing payment export to Barclays bank (UK)

This release offers a new possibility to prepare and manually export payment files to Barclays UK Bank.
To get a file, prepare payment lines in the Payment Journal, then in the action pane click “Bank” – > “Export Payment (Bankfeed)”.

Payment file will be downloaded.

Changes in the assisted setups

To make the user journey with Bankfeed as easy as possible, we simplified the assisted setups, “Set up Bankfeed Integration” and “Set up Bankfeed Connection”.

In the assisted setup “Set up Bankfeed Integration”, there is now only one page with Bankfeed selections. Other settings are filled automatically with the most often used values, which, if necessary, can be changed in “Integration setup (Bankfeed)”.


In the assisted setup “Set up Bankfeed Connection”, one additional option for bank statement download patterns was added – “Today”.

Changes in the function's "Process Financial Statements (Bankfeed)" request page

The function “Process Financial Statements (Bankfeed)” changed its request page appearance, but the values remained unchanged.


Also, the most often used selections (Receive Financial Statements – Yes, Parse Financial Statements – Yes, Fill Journals – Yes, Post Journals – No) are saved in the function request page, so the user does not have to mark them every run time.

Softera.Bankfeed changed to Bankfeed

To shorten the names of the pages, functions, fields and others, we have changed the names from “Softera.Bankfeed” to “Bankfeed”.

Customer/Vendor bank account creation changes

Sometimes banks provide empty Customer/Vendor bank IBAN values in their statements, and occasionally identical values “EE000000000000000000” are provided for everyone.
Changes were made to skip these misleading bank IBANs, which leads to a higher Customer/Vendor recognition confidence.


Improved Payment Reconciliation Journal functionality

To avoid the same bank transactions to be uploaded to the Payment Reconciliation Journal after posting, modifications were implemented in the Payment Reconciliation Journal posting function.

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