Product updates in version 10.0


An update has been released, and here is an overview of what was improved in Bankfeed version 10.0.

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Multi-Currency Account

From now on, when connecting bank accounts using the assisted setup, you can mark if the bank account is multi-currency. Check the box “Multi-Currency Account”.



If this setup is set for a bank account, the bank statements of this account containing transactions in different currencies will be split into separate statements. It means that a separate bank account card in BC will be required for each currency. Therefore, accounts that are not multi-currency, but have the possibility to perform transactions in different currencies, do not need to have this setup set (e.g. a bank account with one IBAN and one base currency EUR).

Bank Journal Batches are created automatically during statement import

To eliminate frequent errors and reduce the number of settings, the assisted setup “Set up Softera.Bankfeed Integration” step asking the user to select and mark the connected bank accounts, has been removed. It is also not necessary to create journal batches manually.
When importing a bank statement, the system will create the missing journal template packages.


Elimination of pending transactions

While importing bank statements, we often receive not only transactions that have already been booked in the bank, but also transactions that are still pending (with the attribute PNDG) e.g. credit card payments. To avoid duplications of transactions and amounts, pending transactions are eliminated in both processes: during parsing and filling in statement lines to the journal.
If necessary and in exceptional cases, these transactions can be uploaded, but the customer is responsible for their processing and the correctness of the final bank account balance.

Changes in the messages and operation of the "Process Financial Statements (Softera.Bankfeed)" function

If the function “Process Financial Statements (Softera.Bankfeed)” had errors while parsing bank statements and filling journal lines, it stopped on the first error and did not proceed with others.
Therefore, such changes were made:

  • a statement with an error is not parsed or filled into journal but other statements with no errors continue to be parsed and filled into journals;
  • the function “Process Financial statements (Softera.Bankfeed)” shows statistics on how many statements have been imported, parsed, filled into the journal and how many have failed;
  • the specific error that stopped function “Process Financial Statements” from completing tasks will also be visible in the “Log Entries (Softera.Bankfeed)”.


Possibility to upload bank statements that have already been uploaded

Sometimes you may need to reupload bank statements that have already been uploaded. For example, if the statements were imported into the wrong environment (Sandbox) and we want to import them into the main environment (Production). For such cases, a new function “Mark Fin. statement as Unread” has been created, which marks the statements as not received (unread).


After files are marked and the function “Mark Fin. Statements as Unread” is run, you will receive a message asking if you want to delete the related bank statements and lines. If you agree, entries from the “Bank Statements (Softera.Bankfeed)” list and the “Bank Statement Lines (Softera.Bankfeed)” tables will be deleted.
Bank statements with the status “Marked as Unread” will be uploaded, parsed and bank statement lines will be filled in journals (“Process Bank Statements (Softera. Bankfeed)”) once again.

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