Product updates in version 16.0


An update has been released, and here is an overview of what was improved in Bankfeed version 16.0.

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"Text-to-Account Mapping (Bankfeed)" functionality extension

Sometimes, when we have many Credit card operations, we see that information about the payment in “Message to Recipient” is just one big piece of text and symbols, a mix of different information. In such cases, “Text-to-Account Mapping (Bankfeed)” did not work, as there were no spaces between the words — for example “ CARD_PAYMENT” transaction text.

For such cases, there is a new setup, “Part of Word”, which enables searching for parts of the text:


Try to use as much text in “Mapping Text” as possible because using tiny parts of the words may result in finding the wrong cases. For example, if I want to recognise transactions with the text “Top-Up by *0048 TOPUP”, it’s not enough to enter “top” in “Mapping Text” because transactions with “Stop” and “Autopay” and “TOPUP” also will be recognised. Use “Top-” in “Mapping Text” in this example.

"Error E-Mail" in the Assisted Setup

It is important to inform Bankfeed users if any issues with the Bank account connections or other problems occur. For this purpose, we added a new field, “Error E-Mail”, in the Assisted Setup “Set up Bankfeed Connection”.


By default, this field will be filled with the same email as the one used for creating the account, but it can be changed.

Adding an “Error E-Mail” will be valid only for newly created accounts.
If you already have a company account and want to add/change the Error E-Mail, please contact [email protected].

Changes in "Today" statements

From now on, connecting bank accounts with the “Bank statement for” option “Today” means that you will get Today’s and Yesterday’s transactions in one statement. It was done to avoid time gaps, in which some transactions are not covered.


Changes in the Accountant Role Center

In the Business Central Accountant Role center, we added the page “Statements (Banfeed)” so it is easier to reach.


We also renamed one page “Received/Sent Documents (Bankfeed)” to “Statement Batches (Bankfeed)”, so the names would be the same everywhere.


Bank Name added to the "Bankfeed Connected Bank Accounts" list

Sometimes, it is easier for the users to identify the bank by its name, so we added the “Bank name” to the “Bankfeed Connected Bank Accounts” list.


Bank Data Provider Code "DEFAULT"

In the previous release, we added a new field to the Bank Account Card – “Bank Data Provider Code (Bankfeed)”. The user had to fill this field with the value in the newly created Bank Account Cards to use Bankfeed. We made some changes in filling this field.
From now on, the user does not have to fill it in; it’s done automatically for the existing Bank Account Cards, when the Assisted setup is initiated, and on creating new ones. The field is filled with the value “DEFAULT”.


For the companies who are operating in the USA or Canada, Bankfeed will add another value – “PLAID”.

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