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Discover how RoyaltyRange significantly enhanced efficiency and accuracy in managing bank statements and reconciling payments using Bankfeed.

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RoyaltyRange is a database provider that covers private company financials and ownership information, royalty rates, loan interest rates, and service fees. The company’s financial controller, Greta Velickaite, uses Bankfeed daily and has agreed to share her experience with the solution.

Before using Bankfeed, I spent countless hours manually inputting every bank transaction into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Naturally, this sometimes led to human errors. So, I started looking for a smarter, more automated way of managing payments and was lucky to have found Bankfeed.

Connecting bank accounts (Swedbank, Luminor, Stripe, PayPal, HSBC Business, SEB) to Bankfeed was a breeze. I enjoyed the user-friendly interface and intuitive setup process, which allowed me to effortlessly link bank accounts, eliminating any unnecessary complexity or frustration typically associated with such tasks.

It is great that the solution covers not only the UK and EU but also the USA and Canada. Since we are operating in both continents, it is convenient for me to use the same Business Central add-on in multiple companies in different countries (the UK and the USA).

"It is convenient for me to use the same Business Central add-on in multiple companies in different countries."

Bankfeed’s ability to retrieve all available fields from bank statements saves significant time and diminishes the likelihood of errors when recognising and matching payments to invoices. This comprehensive approach guarantees that all financial data is accurately accounted for.

Last but not least, I must compliment Bankfeed’s support team. The experienced finance consultants working there always provide swift responses and detailed guidance in case of any concerns or queries. This ensures trust and quality of the software.

I am happy that by automating the process of importing bank statements and payment reconciliation, I reclaim valuable time that can be allocated towards more strategic tasks. Also, the decreased probability of errors minimises the need for time-consuming corrections. I would definitely recommend Bankfeed for finance specialists that are managing multiple bank accounts and want to work more efficiently.

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