Product updates in version 17.1


An update has been released, and here is an overview of what was improved in Bankfeed version 17.1.

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Renewed Accountant role center

We upgraded the standard Accountant role center in this release, adding Bankfeed actions, pages, and functions. It allows the user to see the critical notifications instantly.

First, the Bankfeed section was added to the Actions bar. If you expand it, you will find all Bankfeed pages in one place. 

Accountant role center Actions bar

Second, we have added the Bankfeed area to the Activities.  

Accountant role center ActivitiesLet’s take a closer look at the new items here. 

Connected Bank Accounts – shows how many bank accounts are connected to Bankfeed.  

Connected bank accountsIf you click the number, you will see the detailed information about the connected bank accounts. 

Connected bank accountsStatement Lines – shows how many unposted Statement lines are uploaded. If you click on it, the “Statement Lines (Bankfeed)” page will open.

Statement lines

Journal Lines
 - shows how many unposted transactions are in the journals. Which journal lines will be calculated (payment, cash receipt, payment reconciliation) depends on the journal chosen in the assisted setup. 

Journal linesBy clicking on it, you will open the list of the journal batches (if more than one journal batch is used). 

General Journal BatchesOnly Bankfeed journal batches are shown. 

Bankfeed Errors Today 

Log Errors – shows how many errors the function “Process statement batches (Bankfeed)” had today.   

Log errors
By clicking on it, you will open the “Log Errors” page and will see all the detailed information about the errors that occurred.

Log errors

Job Queue Log Errors – shows how many errors the Job queue entry, which runs the function “Process Statement Batches”, had today. If you click on it, the job queue log entries with detailed information will open. 

Job queue log errors

Bankfeed Process 

Process Statement Batches – this button will run the “Process Statement Batches (Bankfeed)” function. 

Process statement batches

Bankfeed History 

Posted Statement Lines – this button will open the “Posted Statement Lines (Bankfeed)” page. 

Bankfeed history

Posted statement lines

Statement Batches – this button will open the page “Statement Batches (Bankfeed)”.

Statement batchesStatement batches

Bankfeed Setup 

Setup List – this button will open the list of all Bankfeed setups in one place.  

Setup list Setup list

Bankfeed Help 

Help section 

  • Videos – how-to videos are here; 
  • What’s New – link to What’s New documentation;
  • User Manual – link to Bankfeed user manuals;
  • FAQ – link to the frequently asked questions. 

Deleting statement lines will delete related journal lines

Before this release, if the user deleted Statement lines, they had to go to the journal and delete the related lines. Now we have improved the Statement line deletion, so that after deleting the Statement lines, the related journal lines will be deleted automatically.  

Delete statement lines

Only one organization shown in the Assisted Setup "Set up Bankfeed connection"

Before this release, if the user had connected a few organizations to Bankfeed and wanted to reconnect bank accounts while running the assisted setup “Set up Bankfeed connection”, they had to choose which organization’s bank accounts they would reconnect.  

Set up Bankfeed connection

Now, this step is skipped, and the user, by default, is working with the organization they had connected to before. Eliminating this step also prevents mistakes which occured by choosing the wrong organization. 

Setup Bankfeed

Setup Bankfeed

Strong password suggestion

In this release, we enabled automatic password suggestions for the new users who will be creating their organizations in Bankfeed. Before this, it was challenging for some users to provide a password that meets all the security requirements.

Suggest password

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