New partner in Germany – Bam Boom Cloud


We are thrilled to announce that a leader in simplifying Microsoft Cloud solutions, Bam Boom Cloud, has become our new partner.

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What if there was a partnership designed to catapult your business into the future, making the most advanced tools not just accessible but effortless to integrate? Today marks the announcement of our partnership with the German branch of Bam Boom Cloud (a part of Pax8), a leader in simplifying Microsoft Cloud solutions for the growth and success of micro, small and medium businesses.

Bam Boom Cloud seeks to make cutting-edge technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, accessible, cost-effective, and easy to implement. Their customers can look forward to enhanced data analytics, swifter business processes, improved workflows and productivity, and a comprehensive overview of the business performance.

“We offer a range of software packages, including partner solutions to serve specific customer needs. Lately, we‘ve been hearing many requests for integration with banks and payment reconciliation solutions. To address that, we are offering our customers a choice between two providers: Continia OPplus and Bankfeed. Among Bankfeed’s strengths are its extensive compatibility with a wide range of banks and the ease with which it is installed, offering significant advantages to our customers”, shares Verica Jurkovic, Business Central Senior Consultant at Bam Boom Cloud.

“Among Bankfeed's strengths are its extensive compatibility with a wide range of banks and the ease with which it is installed."

The partnership between Bankfeed and Bam Boom Cloud is an important step in bringing the benefits of automated payment management processes to accountants and business leaders all over Germany.

“We appreciate Bam Boom Cloud’s initiative to expand their portfolio by offering an alternative to Continia OPplus. While in essence, both solutions are focused on automating the payment management process, their functionality, pricing, and, therefore, the customer base are different. It allows our partner to meet the connectivity and automation needs of a broader range of customers. I am confident that our combined efforts will open new avenues for growth and efficiency of Business Central users,” – concludes Povilas, Partner Manager at Bankfeed.

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