Product updates in version 19.0


An update has been released, and here is an overview of what was improved in Bankfeed version 19.0.

Intelligent and automated approach to payment management

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Adding Bankfeed lines to the "Bank Account Reconciliation" page

Considering our customer requests, we have enhanced the Bankfeed functionality with a new feature allowing users to upload statement lines to the “Bank Account Reconciliation” page, for final transaction reconciliation.

Bankfeed statement lines can be uploaded by clicking “Process” > “Suggest Lines (Bankfeed)”.

Suggest lines | Bankfeed

Enter the “Starting Date” and “Ending Date” and confirm by clicking OK.

Bank account reconciliation | Bankfeed

All other functions and processes on this page work in a standard Business Central way.

Simplified bank account reconnection

After extending the bank account connection period to 180 days, we took another step forward and simplified the bank account reconnection.

From now on, users do not need to run the Assisted Setup whenever they need to reconnect bank accounts or remind themselves of the settings they have made before.

To reconnect bank account just click on the button “Reconnect”.

Reconnect bank accounts | Bankfeed

This will open the bank connection page with values you have chosen before (note: values are saved using this “Reconnect” button for the second time after the release update).

Reconnect assisted setup | Bankfeed

Check the values, change them if needed, and click Next, leading to the Bank Authentication process.

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