Product updates in version 11.0


An update has been released, and here is an overview of what was improved in Bankfeed version 11.0.

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Function "Apply Automatically" is run every time Bankfeed's import creates lines in the "Payment Reconciliation Journal"

For clients using “Payment Reconciliation Journal” for bank statement import, the modification was made so that the function “Apply Automatically” would run automatically, to reduce manual tasks.


Additional fields for "Currency Code" and "Original Amount" in the journal lines

A change has been made to show the original currency and the original amount paid when transfers from a EUR (or other local currency) bank account in other currencies are allowed. Until now, such transactions were displayed only in the currency of the main bank account (e.g. EUR).

For example, the client has an account in EUR at Revolut Bank, from which transfers can also be made in other currencies (USD). The client needs to see the currency of the transfer and the original amount paid.
For this purpose, two new fields were added in payment and cash receipt journals “Transaction Currency (Softera.Bankfeed)” and “Transaction amount (Softera.Bankfeed)”. These new fields can also be found in “Bank Statement Lines (Softera.Bankfeed)” and “Bank Statement Entries (Softera.Bankfeed)”.


The fields “Transaction Currency (Softera.Bankfeed)” and “Transaction amount (Softera.Bankfeed)” are only for information. The transaction will be posted in the main bank account currency.

If these new fields are not visible in the journal, add them using the Personalisation mode.


Filters are no longer mandatory when using the function "Refresh Recognition"

If you add new “Document Recognition setup (Softera.Bankfeed)” formulas or add new texts to map in “Text-to-Account Mapping (Softera.Bankfeed)” setup table, often “Bank Statement Lines (Softera.Bankfeed)” are refreshed using the function “Refresh Recognition” to use the new formulas and setup. A modification was made in order to eliminate mandatory filters for running the function “Refresh Recognition”.


Bank statement upload times have changed

A modification was made in setting up the running times for Job Queue entries:

  • 1 time per day – job queue entry will run at 4.30 AM, and will repeat at 6.30 AM, 8.30 AM .
  • 4 times per day – 4 job queue entries will be created to run at 4.30 AM, 9.30 AM, 13.30 AM and 16.30 AM.


Modifications for the function "Match Bank Statement Lines (Softera.Bankfeed)"

The function “Match Bank Statement Lines (Softera.Bankfeed)” is used when payments to vendors are prepared and exported from BC and after the bank statement uploads to the journal, when the user wants to see if all exported payments are imported with the statement lines.
After the bank statement import to the journal, the user opens the journal batch in which payment lines were prepared and runs the function “Match Bank Statement Lines (Softera. Bankfeed)”. If these payments are already imported they will be marked as “Matching Bank Statement Lines Exist (Softera. Bankfeed)”.


Marked lines can be deleted and will be posted with all imported bank statement lines.
It was modified that lines should be marked only in the opened journal batch.

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